Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance and Camera Solutions in Bakersfield, CA

Start developing a new approach to security when you choose the right business for video surveillance and camera solutions in Bakersfield, CA. You have a great deal invested in your business, so having some type of monitoring at your location makes sense. While proximity alarms and sirens can scare off some thieves by sheer surprise, they don’t give you any information about the perpetrator. 

Cook’s Computer Maintenance & Engineering, Inc. offers a broad array of technological advancements that make your business more efficient. We connect you to remote offices with networking services, and we provide you with video surveillance that is scalable and practical for just about every client. You can now monitor the exterior of your establishment at all hours of the night, and track employee access to the office as well. 

Video Surveillance and Camera Solutions in Bakersfield, CA

We make advanced technology functional for the everyday business owner through smart design and seamless integration. Start a conversation about your potential vulnerabilities with a technology adviser from our company. We can discuss the concerns you have about the cost and management of the system, and provide you with an estimate that fits your operating budget. When you consider the lost money and the diminished sense of security that you are left with after a major robbery, the investment in surveillance technology makes a great deal of sense.

Innovative Surveillance Solutions

Develop a comprehensive approach to data management and facilities security when you partner with our technology team. We understand that business owners are concerned about external monitoring and internal integrity. With a functional surveillance system, you can account for anyone arriving or leaving your establishment.

A series of cameras around your offices provides you with documentation that may help reduce your costs in other areas of the business. Beyond the management of losses due to theft or vandalism, a surveillance system is a great way to manage your liability as an organization. Surveillance cameras act as a deterrent to any potential act of damage or theft, which reduces the instances of insurance claims. 

Beyond Property Protection

Frivolous lawsuits can also bring a small business to its knees without some type of video system in place. Fraudulent claims of an injury are harder to prove in court when you have hours of video footage to compare the claim with. Employees will also take notice of the system and act accordingly. They may be less likely to spend an afternoon on their phones if they know the workplace is being monitored.

Contact us today to start implementing video surveillance and camera solutions at your premises. We proudly serve clients in Bakersfield and surrounding communities throughout central California.