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Computer Service and Repair

Whether it’s Mac or PC, we service a wide variety of computers including custom-built systems and more.

There are a thousand and one reasons computers start running slow -- they are outdated, they are infected with malware, they are being used in non-optimal conditions, and so much more. With Cook's Computer’s Computer Service and Repair, we can remove unnecessary software, malware, and any other aspects that are causing your desktops to lag.

Our expert technicians will assess, identify, and repair the cause of system crashes, malware infections, and system errors. We will also install critical updates to improve the system’s performance, put up malware protection strategies, and other tasks to make your PC operate like new.

Our high-quality repairs are so reliable we dare put a 30-day guarantee on them.

Our Computer Service and Repair includes:

  • Checks and updates on any important operating system files
  • Improvement of overall system performance
  • System security and antivirus software checks to ensure optimal protection
  • HP
  • Graybar
  • Samsung
  • TelePacific Communications