Our services are not only compatible to small- and medium-sized businesses. We are also the most suitable partner for organizations in other industries.


Increase your firm’s productivity with the help of efficient technology.

The technicians at Cook's Computer are familiar with the unique technology needs of the legal industry. Positioning your firm for success will require dependable network and secure data. For your employees to stay productive, you will need real time, unlimited access to the network, and safe and easy retrieval of electronic files.

We also understand the need for your attorneys and staff to concentrate on winning cases -- not on fixing the technology. Entrust your IT network to Cook's Computer and leverage affordable, efficient solutions that meet your needs.

Increase billable hours and your bottom line.

With our expertise backing you up, we can:

  • Ensure software is properly integrated for maximum speed and reliability
  • Protect your electronic resources
  • Monitor your network so you can keep your peace of mind
  • HP
  • Graybar
  • Samsung
  • TelePacific Communications